Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Snow and Random Stuff

We had a big snow storm... go all around us.  The boys were looking forward to trying out their new sleds, but we're still holding out hope for at least one good snow this winter (which will be just fine with me).  Nothing a warm fire and hot chocolate can't fix, though. 

I caught this little guy being super cute.

Here is he having a blast with his train.  Every time he put a piece on he would clap for himself.

Sean working- we've been doing pretty well keeping up.  

Lunch time.  

After the rain finally cleared out we have had several beautiful {{{cold!}}} days.  The boys have loved playing outside and riding their bikes.
Luke and his stylish ways. :)

I am thankful for warm fires, cuddly boys, a beautiful view, good books, God's Word and so many other things that God uses to reveal his love for us.

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