Friday, May 14, 2010

Feed Me Books- Letters!

One of my very favorite sets of books is the My First Steps to Reading by Jane Belk Moncure.
It was a hand-me-down from Jeff's mom.  Sean has loved them since he was old enough to make requests.  One day we even had a "book picnic" (more on that later) and read them all!

Here is My "b" Book.  We have been working on letter "B" and this has been a great resource.

Each character is called by the letter (ex. Little "b" has a box.)  In each book they all have a box that gets filled with all sorts of items that start with the letter.

Here is Little "t" filling his box.

I like at the end how they list other words with the letter.  We always pick which one we like the best.

Sean likes to put his toe up to the picture and it always cracks him up!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letter "B" working with what we have!

Because my boy loves a good theme, we are doing letters of the week.  Not an original concept at all, but we have not done it all the way through.  We did letter "A" and I wanted to make sure I did a post to remember what kind of activities we used.

I got the pre-K A to Z curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Several things are too simple for Sean (but will be used when Luke is ready!).  I got a couple things from each letter, though.  This counting game below uses Butterflies and numbers.  I'll mix up the cards and let him lay them out in order.  Then using Buttons he will put the correct number of pieces on each card.

He LOVES these letter books.  They were a priceless hand-me-down!  Each book is full of words starting with the letter.  The character always has a box they use to collect the things in. 

We will use this dictionary to give us ideas of things to collect around the house that start with "B."  Sean gets a kick out of making his own box.  Of course, he can gather other things not in the dictionary- I just like him getting practice using it.

After we collected items in the basket, he practiced writing the letter "B" on the board for each thing.  I finished the word.

Here is just a pre-K workbook and a name practice sheet (in a page protector).  We do this almost every time we "work."

Bubbles and lacing Beads (from the Dollar Store) for fun!

An alphabet folder game I made from stickers we had.

Another workbook.

Our Brown color art project.  I had a hard time finding brown stuff! Maybe Sean will have some ideas.

I love this BOZ workbook.  It has great Bible stories and activities.  I got it about 2 years ago at the $5 discount Christian bookstore.

We will take a day to study John the Baptist.  I will not do other activites with this one, because it has several pages to work on.

And here it all is piled up on my dining room hutch.  Guess this will be a main space to store current projects. 

I will do all of these over 2-3 days depending on Sean's interest.  I like having several things planned. 
He is sitting here with me and just said he is ready to work on his "B" stuff. 
Guess I better get going!
*I came back and added the pics of him doing the first of the projects. :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snake lapbook...EWWWW!

Now this is what I get for doing the we'll-study-what-he-wants-to-learn approach.  Snakes.  But it makes a huge difference with Sean.  He really enjoyed anything we did related to this topic.  We started a lapbook.  I did not note where we got the materials, because it was before I thought I would post about it. 



I finally got a picture of it completed.  I would not have minded adding more, but Sean likes it like it is.  It has already been well-loved.  Even the poor red snake at the top was torn out by the Tot Terror.  :-)
Here he is working on it:

He is looking up the word "snake" in the children's dictionary.

I printed out an "S" letter page and stuck it in the lapbook with contact paper.  He can practice writing over and over.

Here is a sight word folder game.  Nothing to do with snakes, but I snuck it in there!

Here's what I tried to get Luke to play with- a styrofoam tray, puff balls and empty toilet paper tube.

About 2 minutes later...

Oh well!

To my great pleasure we have a black snake living under the house.  The last time pest control came (thanks to the termites!) they rounded up the skins, but left them at the door inside the crawl space.  We told Sean he could investigate them.  The night before he was in my bed at 2 AM asking if it was time yet! 

And imagine his delight when we went to our spring festival and one of the booths had a water sensory table with... rubber snakes!

Looking forward to the next lapbook!