Saturday, January 12, 2013

December beginnings

For the first time I did and advent activity calendar for the boys.  I made a list of fun things to do and acts of service and tied them up with some chocolates for each day.

Our nature cubbies turned into the advent countdown.

We did a lot of the things and the boys loved opening the packages each day.  Luke was odd and Sean was even.  

Luke kept up with some "green" projects.  He liked the water coloring.  I used a thick wood cutting born his Papa made as the base.  It worked great and Luke's picture was really nice.


Sean finished his ETC workbook just in time for a break.

Colder days mean tea time around here.  The boys got way more excited than I expected and pulled all their buddies out and set them a place, too.

Who  says little boys can't have tea parties?  :)  

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