Monday, February 4, 2013

Yay for snow!

We finally got some snow!  I didn't even know we were supposed to be expecting it (not that I guess I would have believed it!)  It started the day before and we woke up to this!

Jeff was out of town the day it started so the boys just went out and played for a while.  We waited for Daddy to be home the next day to get everyone bundled and go outside.
I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of Eli.  This was his first official time playing in the snow!

Jeff and me with our little guys.

Sean and Luke were mostly cooperative with me taking pictures.  Sean told me to stop taking pictures and play... so I tackled him.

Can't forget the snow dog.  He was so funny.  We have not seen him run around so fast in a long time!

 We had hot chocolate and Eli took a marathon morning nap (which, of course, means he didn't take an afternoon nap!).

Soggy mittens drying by the fire.
That afternoon Jeff kept an eye on the boys while I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!  I took pictures and I'm sure I will do a post on it. :)

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