Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thanksgiving and celebrations

We got to spend thanksgiving with family at a cabin in Clayton, Georgia.  I did a pretty ol' horrible job of getting pictures.  Jeff and Eli were sick and we were pretty sleep-deprived.  Although it was a fantastic trip, we were in a sleepy fog!

Cousins :)
 The cabin was on the side of a mountain and it was covered in leaves.  Jeff took them out several times to play.

I did a little photo shoot for my sis and her sweet boyfriend.  Here is one of my favorites:

I got zero pictures from Thanksgiving Day (?!?!?!).  The Friday after we had Luke's party.  He was so excited!

 He requested a strawberry monster cake.  

The family also brought me birthday gifts since mine is about a week after Luke's.  Then we had a baby shower my brother and his fiance.  Lots to celebrate and be thankful for! 

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