Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here we go again with the schooling!

Knowing Eli would be born in August (the usual start of a school year), I decided I would give our family until January before we started more intentional schooling.  We have done some things, just not an every day planned out routine.
I got the Sonlight Kindergarten curriculum, but now I am wishing I had gone with First grade.  So, I am supplementing with some other stuff (while trying not to spend any more money!).  I made a plan for January and will do my best to stick with it for the whole month and then adjust as necessary.

Here are some not-so-great shots of my organization.  If I had waited to do it better, it would not get done and I really benefit from looking back at the processes we try.

Each week has a folder with the plan and any looses papers.  All the necessary books are also in here. 

View from the top.

Weekly folders.

Inside the folder with the planning sheet.

Close-up of planning page (got it from here).

All the books.
Luke will just stick around with us and do what he can.  I am also browsing this book for some ideas for him.

Here is the breakdown by subject.
Explode the Code Vol. 1 +2 
Hooked on Spelling
I can Read It! Book 2

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior, with books
Printables from for money, counting in evens and odds and other math related topics.

The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space (got this as a Christmas present and it has 11 projects teaching about space).

I love this site for nature activities appropriate to the time of year, Nature Detectives. 

So far, I am just going to stick with reading for this.  We have a lot of good books for History.  We'll start with The Apple and the Arrow.  I'll try to add artist studies when I find a good (free!) resource.
I am also going to alternate poetry with I Heard the Good News Today (stories of heroes of the faith)- 2 days a week for each.

We will read Dr. Dolittle and if I find some activities to go along, we'll add them.

Sean will have P.E. once a week through May (I am so thankful for our Rec Center!).  

We'll also have circle time every morning where we will do Bible reading, work on memorizing scripture, calendar and weather charting.

It's seems like a lot, but like I said, we'll work at at it for the month and tweak as we need to.

Christmas 2011

As per our tradition for the last 3 years, we had our family Christmas at home which consists of a breakfast "feast" to celebrate the coming of the King and then presents.  Our boys get 3 presents each to represent the 3 gifts brought to Jesus and a stocking.

We had cranberry-orange muffins and cranberry-pumpkin bread, thanks to  some sweet newlyweds we know. 

Let it begin...!

Sean opens his newest LEGO Hero.  It is all off-center because I wanted to  actually see him and not just look through the  camera.  

My sweet boy

Eli got a wooden teether and rattle.  I don't think he was too sure about all the festivities.
The tree shot on Christmas Eve.
After our Christmas morning, we went down to Georgia to visit family.  I did not take one picture while there!!  We had a great time, though.
I am so thankful for God's gift of Jesus.  I hope to raise these boys in His knowledge and love.  Looking forward to 2012!