Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New semester

I did a little shifting in our schedule for the new semester.  Our days will look like this:
Monday-Thursday: Explode the Code, Miquon and LA
Tuesday- add Science/Nature
Wednesday- add History
Thursday- Hands-on projects
Friday- catch up

I got several Thirty One bags for Christmas (it's nice having a mother and mother-in-law who sell it!).  I found many uses on the homeschool front!

I keep activities for Luke and Sean's daily workbooks and supplies in these bags.

This tote holds both bags plus my extras (math guide, clipboard and pens)
I printed a blank monthly calendar and just wrote in the plan for each day.

I put most of our crafty stuff in this bag for easy access.  It will be good for last-minute projects.

These are the history and science materials we use a few days a week.

One happy bag family!

Here's where I keep the craft and history/science bag when not in use.
 Sean started his next ETC workbook.

Luke worked in a coloring book.

 And stacked his crayons.

 We had a limited t.v. day.  I love when I find them with books.

We pulled out a game Sean got as Christmas gift- Traffic Jam.

He loves it!

So far is has been really warm and then rainy.  I am enjoying being homebodies.  Cold weather is moving in so maybe we'll get a chance to use the new sleds in the near future!

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