Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Tour (until I change it around- again)

I have been wanting to post a home tour since before I even had a blog (I love them like a crazy person!).  The problem is- I am always moving stuff around.  So, I figured I will just have to do a regular "state of the home" post and just see how it changes.  And the other teensy problem- getting it all straightened up enough to take and post pictures!  When Jeff was in Brazil on  Discovery/Mission trip I did what I almost always do- clean something out or change a room around.  And I figured it was a good time to take pictures.

Here is my kitchen where I spend oodles of time.  It is never fully cleaned and put away, because by the time I get it that way it's time to make another meal.  I used to feel more stressed about it, but now that I am learning to cook healthier, more nourishing meals it is satisfying to have such a well-used kitchen.

See if you can find Luke up there.  :-)

One of my favorite spots because I do not like shoes all piled up at the door!

I can fit a lot onto that counter.  Here is a random action shot:


Small, but functional dining room.

Here is the big ol' living room.  One of the selling points of this house, for sure.  We fit lots of students, family, friends and toys in here!

Toy corner.

Sean's room and eventually Luke's, as well.  I am standing on the corner of the second bed, squished up against the wall trying to get this angle.  It is not as big as this makes it look- some good camera work if I do say so myself!

Ok- this is just embarrassing, but I had to include it.  This is the hallway outside of Sean's room.  I stored all our craft and homeschool stuff here.  I have since changed all that.  :-) 

Yeah... another great shot of the dark hallway.  It does not look like this anymore.  This has the makings of a good before and after post!

Because I'm all sophisticated, I had to include the laundery room.  But seriously, I love this little closet- turned- laundry room.  It is right across from my bedroom.

Speaking of my bedroom, I totally forgot to take a picture.  In it is also Luke's sleeping nook.  Not quite big enough to call it a nursery.  And the basement is looking much better these days, although not all the way done.  I will just have to do a part two. 
I think almost all of the rooms have been tweaked sinced the pictures.  I could almost do a whole new tour.  Almost. 
And here is my sweet assistant photographer:

I really do like looking at other homes on blogs, but I have not done it in a while.  Most of them, although gorgeous, used to make me feel less content with my own God-provided home (God has thankfully done a work in my heart about that).  My favorites are the ones that look like every day houses, not magazine pictures.  And I am always a sucker for a good picture of home organization! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Couldn't Ask for More

While it can be so easy in my flesh to point out a splinter in my husband's eye, there is one area I cannot even remotely complain or find fault with- the way he fathers our boys.  He is the most amazing daddy I have ever known.  He loves them in word and deed- telling them often and freely giving hugs and kisses.

He teaches them the way of Christ through his example.  He shows them how to treasure women by his love for me.

He doesn't just do his job as a dad, he loves being a daddy.

And these boys sure do love him.  I am so blessed.

Pics from a recent hike in Graveyard Falls.