Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

While Sean worked in his books, Luke wanted to paint.  He matched up the colors, brushes and cups.  Sean joined him when he finished his work.

I was happy they actually painted instead of just mixing all the colors together.

Luke's are the top 2 and Sean's is at the bottom.
Sean likes to have little breaks between work so we set the timer for 10 minutes and he gets back to whatever he was playing with.  Sometimes it goes a little more than 10 minutes, but the breaks seem to help motivate him

Rainy day view from our front porch.  Luke says we are in a boat and can't go outside because there are water snakes.  

Sean found a beetle inside and decided to give him a home and some spinach leaves.  

We started the Titanic Science and did some experiments.  The first was sinkers and floaters.  We all picked 6 things from around the house to test.  Then we did one on buoyancy.  It did not work as indicated, but was still fun to play with.

There is talk of snow!  The boys are excited to see if we'll get any.  I need to make sure I have hot chocolate supplies on hand (to celebrate or as a consolation!).

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