Sunday, January 13, 2013

We have had a pretty low-key finish to the break.  The boys have played with everything they own, I think.  We have gone to Asheville a couple of time to the Children's Health museum.

I got this set at a yard sale 2 years ago for $1.  We were going to wrap it up for one of Sean's presents, then we had enough.  He found it under our bed later, so he got an extra treat.  He did a good job working through the directions (Ages 7+, my foot!  It got complicated!).  

We are ready to start the new semester (I think!).  I have some new goals with Sean's schooling and have put together some activities for Luke to work on.  
Our house is still on the market and I look forward to seeing how God works out the provision in all of that.  I await with great hope for what this year holds.

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