Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Snow and Random Stuff

We had a big snow storm... go all around us.  The boys were looking forward to trying out their new sleds, but we're still holding out hope for at least one good snow this winter (which will be just fine with me).  Nothing a warm fire and hot chocolate can't fix, though. 

I caught this little guy being super cute.

Here is he having a blast with his train.  Every time he put a piece on he would clap for himself.

Sean working- we've been doing pretty well keeping up.  

Lunch time.  

After the rain finally cleared out we have had several beautiful {{{cold!}}} days.  The boys have loved playing outside and riding their bikes.
Luke and his stylish ways. :)

I am thankful for warm fires, cuddly boys, a beautiful view, good books, God's Word and so many other things that God uses to reveal his love for us.

Egypt and Crafty Fail

We are picking back up in Story of the World and (still) in Egypt.  I set up our history books and library books as a little display (I channeled my inner librarian).  We read our chapter and looked at all the books (hieroglyphics and writing).  We attempted make a cartouche with some air-dry clay.  Sean was pretty into it and he worked hard translating his name into the Egyptian symbols.  Luke wanted to do it, too.

The fail comes from Eli taking a bite of Luke's drying masterpiece (and subsequently eating the chunk) and then Sean breaking his in half while checking to see if it was dry.  It was not.  

Here's the little mischief-maker.  I am constantly finding him at the table.  Here he is contributing to Sean's language arts book.

Maybe he'll be an early reader.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

While Sean worked in his books, Luke wanted to paint.  He matched up the colors, brushes and cups.  Sean joined him when he finished his work.

I was happy they actually painted instead of just mixing all the colors together.

Luke's are the top 2 and Sean's is at the bottom.
Sean likes to have little breaks between work so we set the timer for 10 minutes and he gets back to whatever he was playing with.  Sometimes it goes a little more than 10 minutes, but the breaks seem to help motivate him

Rainy day view from our front porch.  Luke says we are in a boat and can't go outside because there are water snakes.  

Sean found a beetle inside and decided to give him a home and some spinach leaves.  

We started the Titanic Science and did some experiments.  The first was sinkers and floaters.  We all picked 6 things from around the house to test.  Then we did one on buoyancy.  It did not work as indicated, but was still fun to play with.

There is talk of snow!  The boys are excited to see if we'll get any.  I need to make sure I have hot chocolate supplies on hand (to celebrate or as a consolation!).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New semester

I did a little shifting in our schedule for the new semester.  Our days will look like this:
Monday-Thursday: Explode the Code, Miquon and LA
Tuesday- add Science/Nature
Wednesday- add History
Thursday- Hands-on projects
Friday- catch up

I got several Thirty One bags for Christmas (it's nice having a mother and mother-in-law who sell it!).  I found many uses on the homeschool front!

I keep activities for Luke and Sean's daily workbooks and supplies in these bags.

This tote holds both bags plus my extras (math guide, clipboard and pens)
I printed a blank monthly calendar and just wrote in the plan for each day.

I put most of our crafty stuff in this bag for easy access.  It will be good for last-minute projects.

These are the history and science materials we use a few days a week.

One happy bag family!

Here's where I keep the craft and history/science bag when not in use.
 Sean started his next ETC workbook.

Luke worked in a coloring book.

 And stacked his crayons.

 We had a limited t.v. day.  I love when I find them with books.

We pulled out a game Sean got as Christmas gift- Traffic Jam.

He loves it!

So far is has been really warm and then rainy.  I am enjoying being homebodies.  Cold weather is moving in so maybe we'll get a chance to use the new sleds in the near future!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We have had a pretty low-key finish to the break.  The boys have played with everything they own, I think.  We have gone to Asheville a couple of time to the Children's Health museum.

I got this set at a yard sale 2 years ago for $1.  We were going to wrap it up for one of Sean's presents, then we had enough.  He found it under our bed later, so he got an extra treat.  He did a good job working through the directions (Ages 7+, my foot!  It got complicated!).  

We are ready to start the new semester (I think!).  I have some new goals with Sean's schooling and have put together some activities for Luke to work on.  
Our house is still on the market and I look forward to seeing how God works out the provision in all of that.  I await with great hope for what this year holds.

Christmas celebrations

We have always stopped at Waffle House on our way down to Columbus on Christmas Day.


I didn't get any pictures from my mom's house.  I remembered to pull out my camera at Jeff's parents a few days later.

The boys always love their baths at both Nana and Papa's houses.

Jeff's grandfather passed away the day after Christmas.  He was 98 years old and relatively healthy in his old age- what a blessing!  Jeff had the honor of officiating the funeral.  We had a lunch at Grandaddy's house afterwards.  These are all the kids:

My sister took some family pictures since this was the first time Jeff's sister and we were all in Columbus together in years.
The boys had so much fun with their cousins!

The whole crew:

 And we got another sweet family picture.  

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families.

Christmas morning

 We spent Christmas morning together at home.  We opened our stockings and presents.  The big boys each got a sleeping bag and burp gun.  They got a shared gift of a blue race track.  The stockings had a few little treats.

Eli got a bear and a little laptop (from Grandpa and Kozy).

Boys playing with their new toys.

Our tradition is to have a breakfast feast to celebrate the coming of the King.  Jeff made banana bread the day before and we splurged on a fruit bowl.  Of course, there was sparkling juice.

The kids played while we got finished packing and loading the car to head south to Columbus. 

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had dinner and then went to church.  It is such a sweet service.  Jeff got to do some of the music and lead the devotional.  All 3 boys were with me on the pew and they were so good.  Eli did throw his paci across a row.  :)
I think I was making up for not being a good picture-taker this holiday and got some shots of the boys just being silly.

Yay for messy babies!

 I finally got our annual "by the tree" shot with my little loves. 

Maybe next year we will be adventurous and set a camera timer to do a family shot!