Thursday, January 24, 2013

Egypt and Crafty Fail

We are picking back up in Story of the World and (still) in Egypt.  I set up our history books and library books as a little display (I channeled my inner librarian).  We read our chapter and looked at all the books (hieroglyphics and writing).  We attempted make a cartouche with some air-dry clay.  Sean was pretty into it and he worked hard translating his name into the Egyptian symbols.  Luke wanted to do it, too.

The fail comes from Eli taking a bite of Luke's drying masterpiece (and subsequently eating the chunk) and then Sean breaking his in half while checking to see if it was dry.  It was not.  

Here's the little mischief-maker.  I am constantly finding him at the table.  Here he is contributing to Sean's language arts book.

Maybe he'll be an early reader.

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