Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Character Study

I have been looking for a good way to study the Bible along with character development.  There is so much available, but I did not want to buy "another book" and not really use it.  One of my favorite homeschool blogs, Confessions of a Homeschooler, has done a series (for FREE!).  There are 10 altogether.  This is a link to all her printables- scroll down to see the Bible Character Studies.
Topics are:
Good Steward

I also got these CD Family Time Virtue Packs for free from our Mom's group at church:
Classic FamilyTimes Virtue Pack

Some of the topics are the same so I will use them first.  When I finish the 10 Character Studies I will just embellish what the Virtue Pack topics cover.
We will continue reading from our Storybook Bible and try to reinforce what they learn at church.  Glad to finally have something planned out for this area!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lazy days...

There are days we just bundle up and hang out in front of the fire watching movies and playing-
trains, tractors, blocks.

And some seats in the living room are more interesting than others...

Potty training day attempt #1.  Until he burned his little rear on the space heater. 
I think we'll be waiting for warmer weather.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting the most out of his books

Sometimes we read books.  Other times...

books have other useful purposes- like roads, according to Sean.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crystologist at work

Sean got a pack of science experiments for Christmas.  This one lets you grow color-changing crystals.

He sorted the colors after dumping out the pack.

Put each color in a plastic dish and added water.

Got excited because he is officially a Jelly Crystologist (at least in our lab)!

Then we waited while they absorbed the water (actually up to 300 times its weight).

The next day... they are gooey crystals.  He put them into the test tube to see how the colors blend.

They lasted a few days on the counter with him mixing and playing. 
Then they were sent to the lab refuse bin.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Learning Books

I just wanted to post on what materials we are using right now.  I do not follow a formal curriculum.  At this point I think we are happy putting a few things together. 
Sean has surprised me so much with his desire to do these reading lessons.  There have been days where I would be fine to let it slide but he wants to do them.  They are pretty quick, which is what I think is so appealing.  I had been wanting this book and last summer at a thrift store I found it... for $1!

I just ordered this book because next to reading I really want us outside exploring.

There is a blog that has all kinds of Outdoor Challenges based on this book.  I am looking forward to using some of them.

Outdoor Hour button

One of my newest favorite books...

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

It is so good- I have read on my own without the kids.  We mainly read this for Bible study.  I really want to beef up this area because I think it would be easy for me to assume they get enough because we are around ministry all the time.

We visit the library every couple of weeks.  Sean usually has a topic he wants to read about (I have to ask him because he is more interested in playing with the trains when we get there, but he comes up with something).  Right now we have books on space, rocks and nature crafts.  Luke still eats books, but he is starting to actually look at them when I read.  :-) 

Littlest Chef and Granola

Almost any time I am in the kitchen Luke climbs up on his stool and "helps mama." 
This yummy granola was easy to let him help with.  (I used coconut oil, less brown sugar and some peanut butter- only differences from this recipe).

Testing it out- he's good at that.

A good cook always cleans up, right?

We let it sit in the oven for a few hours that morning instead of overnight (as the directions direct).  So good!

The Big Snow of 2011

We were excited to wake up to almost a foot of snow outside on January 10. 
The dark spot in the middle is Sean attempting to sled down the front yard.  Budreaux is down at the bottom.

But with snow this deep, all Sean managed to do was partially bury himself halfway down.

Luke's favorite thing to do is throw "snowballs" (Luke style is really just picking up any mass of snow and throwing it at the closest person- especially the one holding the camera).

It is almost impossible to get these 2 in a good picture together!

Mandatory hot chocolate and snacks followed.

Finally- Homemade Play Dough

I have been wanting to make play dough for years.  It's just one of those things I kept putting off.  So, finally getting around to it felt like a big accomplishment (to me anyway!).  

Sean enjoyed mixing it all together. 

Funnest part was adding the boiling water and watching it turn red
(we used generic kool-aid in the mix for the color).
Both boys have loved playing with it.  It's almost a daily treat.

Look at that toddler go with his fine-motor skills!

Overall, I really like it.  Plus it has a great smell- this one was cherry.  I'm pretty sure we'll make this again.  It helps that I bought a value pack of the drink mixes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We traveled down to Columbus 2 days before Christmas.  Usually we would go Christmas day, but because of snow coming and us having to get back early for Jeff's surgery, we went early.  The night before our Christmas I set the coffee table up for a "feast" to celebrate the coming of the King.  This is a new tradition for us and I love it.  The feast was a breakfast casserole, sweet rolls and coffee (coffee milk for the boys).

That's a good looking Santa.

Our Christmas morning... Sean waiting for Luke to wake up.  He was so patient, especially with his stocking and presents sitting right there.

Stocking time!

They  both got a remote control car.  Luke got a ball and Sean got some clips to use to build forts.

Daddy helping drive the new cars.

Sean got an orange in his stocking, Luke got an apple.  He held it the whole morning.

The feast...yum!

 Christmas morning, December 25, at my mom's house.  This is the best I could get of my two cuties.

We enjoyed doing just 2 presents for the boys with a little stocking at our house.  We are really trying to take the focus off gifts and celebrate the real meaning.  This post really spoke to me about giving to Jesus on his birthday.   Lord willing, we will cultivate this heart for the whole year.
One thing I am so excited about is sponsoring a child through Compassion.  His name is Dario and his birthday is 2 days before Sean's.  I am going to figure out how to get his picture on the side bar once I catch up all these posts.

Christmas Tree Farm

A tradition we started last year and we hope to keep for many years to come is going to a tree farm and getting our Christmas tree.  We have great friends who own the farm which makes it even more special.

Sean playing in the cuttings on the ground.

Can't miss a chance to sit on the big tractor tire.

Riding in a wagon up the hill to where the trees are.

I didn't even get a picture of the tree before it was cut.  Here is Sean watching as they bale it.  He was so proud because he picked it out.

Back down to where they were selling cookies and hot chocolate.  Sean gets to "drive" a tractor.

Family picture time!  A little washed out because of the bright sun, but I still love it.

Daddy finally getting some smiles out of this one.  He was not too impressed with anything tree-related.

Riding back down to the van with our tree.

The weather was beautiful and we had such a good time!

Thanksgiving snapshots

We had a sweet, quiet Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us.  I cooked some of the dishes the day before.  Other than being a bit under the weather, I had a great time working in the kitchen as the boys wandered in and out.

Looks like he's up to something.

Sean loves a good drumstick.

Maple-Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

We have so much to give thanks for on this day and all year long.  I am so blessed to have this beautiful family.

Daddy's Hammock

When we went to Asheville for Luke's birthday, Jeff also got a chance to spend his birthday money from earlier in the month.  He's been eyeing a hammock for a while.  Here are the 3 peas in a pod...

We have grand visions of family camping trips this Spring.  I volunteered to nap in the hammock just to make sure it would be acceptable sleeping arrangements... a little sun warming the cocoon-like fabric, soft breeze blowing, gentle rocking back and forth...

Luke eating an apple... his favorite thing to do this time of year.

This was not at the same time, but still a cute picture of the boys sitting on the steps of First Baptist downtown.  Lots of pretty leaves were on the ground.

Glorious days of Fall.