Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love of the Titanic

A  new interest has sprouted up around here.  It started with reading the Magic Treehouse, Tuesday on the Titanic.  I just picked up some books at the library on it to see if Sean would be interested in learning more.  Who knew?

He has made the Titanic out of everything he owns.  When he eats, the food becomes the Titanic sinking.  We even made a video complete with iceberg and music.

Luke is even getting in on the action.

We have watched videos and documentaries.  There are other ships he is interested in.  The sister to Titanic is Brittanic.  He knows all about her, too.  :)

We are planning to take him to the Titanic Museum for his birthday in February if he still wants to go.  I am blown away at how he gets attached to a certain topic and immerses himself.  

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