Friday, March 1, 2013

Officially a "bag" lady :)

I am hosting a Thirty One catalog party for my sweet M-I-L.  So I thought it would be fun to snap some pictures of the different bags I have.

Probably one of my most favorite ways of using the bags is to organize my purse.  I swap between the diaper bag and my Metro Retro (I love this bag and forgot a picture!!) all the time.  Just tossing the little bags into whatever purse/tote I need to use is so easy.

My second favorite tote is the Keep-It Caddy (I actually have the All-inOne tote, but the newer version has extra pen pockets).  I have used it to hold my Bible and devotional/ reading material, pens & pencils and notebooks.  Right now I have my planner and mobile office tucked in.
This Hang Up Home Organizer holds scrapbooking stuff because I WILL get Luke's 1st year baby book done!

This cosmetic bag is not available anymore, but it shows how you can use the bags for other creative purposes.  And, of course, other variations of how I've stored office stuff.  My desk is in the basement so I need something to keep things handy and organized upstairs.

I have another whole post on Homeschool organization using some other bags HERE.
I have several other larger bags that I use for storage- winter & summer gear, wrapping paper... one is even holding a sleeping bag.  

I know I am super spoiled with all these goodies.  I pretty much cleaned out any other bags I had so I could make sure to put the Thirty One bags (mostly gifts!) to good use.  

Here is the catalog party link.  Check out the monthly special!
 We'll close it out on March 10.

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