Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Everyday stuff

As usual, I loaded pictures from my camera and now I have a bunch of posts to catch up on.  Here are a series of days hanging out at home.

Luke working on numbers- he was so proud of himself!

I'm looking around for fun games for Sean on the computer.  There's so much available, but we still haven't found a favorite.

I loved finding Luke cozy with a book.
These boys of mine love tea time.  And they go all out with buddies and extra cups & saucers.  Before Sean got Polar, this was his bear of choice.

I don't even know when I took this, but he was still so I got him!
Luke loves having "work" to do while Bubba does his.  This calendar notebook has been great for him.  

I usually feel like I don't take many pictures, then go on a spree and take pictures of everything!  I am thankful to have them, though (especially when I catch up on the blog).  One of these days I'll actually print them.

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