Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our 8 Year Old Wonder

Our precious firstborn turned 8 in February.  We haven't done a traditional birthday party in a few years.  When given the choice between one or a family adventure, he chose the adventure.  That may likely change in years to come, but for now we enjoy our own little traditions.
This year we decided to go to Pigeon Forge and visit the Titanic Museum (with a huge bonus of 2 nights at a water park resort thanks to generous neighbors!).  His birthday was on a Saturday and we didn't go until Monday. So, we got to celebrate his special day at home first.  Jeff had an early morning Deacon's meeting so we did breakfast, but waited on presents.

Cinnamon rolls are a birthday treat!

When daddy got home, we did a scavenger hunt for his 2 gifts.  One was from Nana and Papa Du (LEGO set) and the other was a remote control car from us (he's been wanting it soooo much!).

The pictures are so blurry because he was moving fast!  Look at that face!
We went out for lunch and had a laid back afternoon.  Some good friends got married that day, so we went to their wedding.  Sean wanted to know why they were getting married on his birthday. :)  I stayed in the nursery with the boys while Jeff did the music (not taking any chances with them at a wedding!).  We went to the reception, but my active children could only last so long, so we bid farewell and headed to a pizza place for a last minute birthday treat.

You always amaze me with your capacity to love a subject and immerse yourself in it.  You have loved John Deere, weather/tornadoes and snakes- to name a few.  This year was all about the crocodiles, the Titanic, dinosaurs and now, monster trucks.  You are such a good, protective big brother.  When you are not zoned out (what goes through your mind sometimes??) :) you are our best little helper.  You still love to cuddle and have your back and head scratched.  Playing outside with your friends is one of your favorite things to do.  You are becoming such a good reader... I love your little notes.  You like to eat out at Kobe (fried rice with shrimp sauce and California rolls) and Sazon (cheese dip & salsa and rice).   You talk about the One True God and how you want to follow Him all of your days.  We pray for you to know God and are inspired by your child-like faith! You are still my dream come true and I thank God for the gift of you.  We love you, Pooh Bear.

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