Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Adventure

Continuing the birthday celebration, we headed out to Pigeon Forge first thing Monday morning (after loading the car and last minute clean-up!).  We went over the beautiful mountains into Tennessee.  We had fun looking at the frozen waterfalls along the road, the breath-taking views and going through tunnels.  The boys' favorite part was the "biggest nets we've ever seen" (in little boy excited voice!) attached to the sides of the mountain.
We stopped at a place (can't even remember the name) that was known for throwing rolls.  Well, the boys loved the idea.  And that was really the only good thing about it. :)  At least we got what we went for!

Sean is some kind of dinosaur attacking it's prey (his hands are claws).
We got to the resort too early to check in, but since they gave us a free ceramic turtle to paint (as a gift for the birthday boy!) we went to the little pottery shop and let Sean and Luke paint.  That was fun (I've always wanted to do that with them!).  We left the pieces to be fired.  Then we just decided to change into pool clothes and head to the water park.  I did not even bring my camera because I didn't know where to keep it while chasing little people around.
After a few shenanigans getting checked in, we made it to our room.  It was a little crazy getting unloaded and then a nice man trying to sell time shares came up and was talking to us (all the while kids are crawling about and Jeff & I are trying to get food and bags put away!).  We got a free blanket, though!  We got some dinner and Jeff took the boys back to the park while I got Eli down.  And that was day #1.
The next day we got up, ate breakfast and headed to the Titanic.  No cameras were allowed so I got squat from the visit recorded.  We had a lot of fun, though.  At the entrance we were greeted by a "maid."  Sean said "I'm a big fan of the Titanic, you know."  Inside, Sean kept going ahead and yelling "Holy Moly, you gotta see this!"  Good thing we were the only ones there for a while.  They liked touching the cold water and standing on (and sliding down!) the slanted deck displays.  And at the gift store Sean was finally able to purchase his long-awaited Polar, the Titanic Bear (with money from Grandaddy & Shirsh).  It came with the book and some bracelets.  He got the smaller bear, opposed to the bigger, plush one.  He said it was not as expensive, plus it was closer in size to the real Polar (love that boy).  Luke got a puppy and Eli a little polar bear.

We went to a brick oven pizza place (Big Daddy's).   They brought the kids dough balls to play with then took them to bake for dessert.  Sean made a Titanic and Luke ended up with a puppy head. 

We went to some shops after lunch.  Of course, all family trips include a real, paid-for ride on one of those contraptions that kids love.  

Sean kept his Polar with him the whole time :)
We picked up their works of art when we got back.  Sean has 8 black dots on the shell for his birthday.  Luke did such a good job on his heart (my crafty boy).

Jeff took the boys to the park in the afternoon while I was with the napping Eli.  I did some Shaklee work and enjoyed the quiet.  And maybe a little something Jeff got me, too...

After nap and play, we went into Gatlinburg and Jeff pulled up to the Melting Pot for dinner!  Eli was super fussy and I ended up taking him out to the car while Jeff and the boys finished up.  It was a fun experience, though.

We got back and spent some time at the water park.  I brought Eli back early and put him to bed.  I tried to get some pictures of this wild child.

The boys came back and watched t.v. on their sofa bed (Eli was in the other bedroom).  

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast (Pate McMuffins!) and packed up.

My little monkey boys.

We are so thankful to God to be able to make memories like these.  

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