Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Planner Dream Team, part 2

I never thought I would use 2 planners at once.  What a crazy, superfluous notion.  However, in my quest for the "perfect" planner I am trying a few things out.  One is the Filofax Apex (testing to see if the personal size will work as a wallet and be big enough to hold my essentials).  Since I already had a nice Franklin Covey, I just could not purchase the Apex (even on sale for less than $15!) without knowing I could still make use of it.  I didn't like the idea of looking in 2 different places for things I need.  But, to be honest, without a planner, I was looking all over for things I need. So, I decided to use it as sort of a home management binder.  I keep what I want with me while out and about in the Apex. Anything else goes in the stay-at-home Franklin Covey.
So, here it (he/she... should I name it???) is.
First of all, although it is not leather, it has a nice, soft feel.  I also like the wide clasp and magnetic snap.

I love, love the inside cover.  There is an slip pocket, a zipper pocket, 4 card slots, plus a window slot and a pocket behind them.  I keep a smaller Shaklee catalog in the slip pocket.  Receipts go in the zipper pocket until I can get them filed (lots of room in there so I put it off longer!).  The flap behind the card slots holds any bills or items that need payment that are not part of the regular monthly budget.  The card slots hold smaller sticky notes.
I use the vinyl card holder for pictures.


The pouch has a sweet letter from my sister folded up on one side.  Flip it over and you can see a large sticky notepad and extra stickers.  Then come my divider sections.  I used scrapbook paper and removable index tabs to make them.  I just used what I had in my craft/office supply stash.

I stuck my monthly calendar back in here since the Apex doesn't have one.

I use sticker dots here (and my weekly pages) for recurring events for this month.  I just write it once at the top of each column next to the matching dot.
The sections are: Thanks, School (for home-school), Budget, Shaklee, Ideas, Projects, Holidays and Home. 

In the "Home" section I have a pocket I cut down from a used-up spiral notebook.  It has paint colors in it.

At the end are my address pages.  Since this stays home, I did away with my old address book and copied everything here.

The back has a slot holding a notepad.  I make a to-list on here (mostly for Shaklee right now), tear it out and stick it in the right section.  The pen loop is the faux leather and elastic.

Two buddies just hanging out.

My main complaint with the FC was the small ring size.  For a larger planner, it doesn't seem to hold a lot.  The Apex rings are the same, if not bigger.

I currently use the end of our dining room table as my office space.  I keep things tucked away in bags for quick clean-up (yes, part 3 of this tantalizing series).  I keep them stacked on top of each other to save space.

And just one more shot for the heck of it.

Happy place.  :)  I know there are more pressing matters in life than organizing, but I am thankful God gives me such enjoyment in it.  It is such a help in running my home and raising up these boys.  So, whether I eat or drink [or plan or write or stick or highlight or clip] I want to do it all for the glory of God!  (1 Corinthians 10:31, my paraphrase)  :)


  1. I think planner stuff is fun, too. They say you have to have a hobby - ours is planners. Works for me! :)

    1. I agree with that! I don't have much "hobby time" these days, but this fills the needs quite nicely. :)

  2. The grey Apex is such a gorgeous colour. If it was available in New Zealand, I might never have upgraded from Apex to Malden.