Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making Snow

We pulled out a Christmas present (experiments!) and decided to make snow.  "This'll be fun and pretty easy to clean up," said the crazy mom in denial.

But first, while I was setting up the station-o-play here's Mr. Innocent pulling junk out of the cabinet.

The boys loved adding water to the crystals and watching them grow into soft, mushy snow.

And it continued to grow and slowly take over.  Kind of hard to wipe this stuff up.  And you're not supposed to let it go down the drain (something about it retaining a ridiculous amount of water and taking over your plumbing...).  I let  the boys play and tamed my inner you're-getting-stuff-all-over-the-floor beast.  They had a lot of fun.  And it was worth the mess.  :)

And this little cutie hung out with me in the kitchen while they played.

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