Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nature Soup

I'm a planner.  And sometimes I get to where I am more into the planning of something than actually doing it.  I need a support group, I think.  So, this is me embracing more spontaneity.  The boys wanted to go outside and explore & Eli was napping.  

Sean in his vest, and Luke...well, he dresses himself.  'Nuf said.

This little activity took almost no prep and I just got to walk around with them and talk about what they were doing.  You need a cup and a little water.  Have them find a good stirring stick.  Then just explore and add things to make "soup."  

Crunch up leaves and dried flowers.

Sprinkle on some dirt, add grass and stir it up. Take a sniff...smells like Fall!

Luke climbed up to the fort with his cup.  He's an excitable fellow.

 These are flowers and leaves we collected from our nature walk the day before.  A few carnations were leftover from flowers Jeff had left for me when he was in Cuba.  I like to extend the life of fresh flowers and pull out the ones that are not dead and make a new arrangement.  I also love walking around with the boys collecting things to display God's beauty in the season.  

Luke likes to point out what he picked.
Tucked it in a mason jar with rocks in the bottom.

We use these sites for great outdoor activities: Nature Detectives and Handbook of Nature Study blog.

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