Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chores in Real Life

I can make a mean schedule.  I love designing them, filling in the spaces, adding boxes for check marks (oh the joy of checking something off!)...  However, for such a schedule-loving person I am rather resistant to keeping them.  I think the planning gives me an idea of what's important and reasonable for me actually accomplish.  That being said, chores are one of the biggies on my schedules.  There are oh-so-many ways to go about getting them planned.  Daily, weekly, monthly lists;  zones (see Fly Lady for a good site!); blitzes and so many more.
I figured out what works for me right now, in this season of homeschooling, starting a new home business, working alongside my honey, church and just life.  I thought about what needs to be done/clean in the house in order for me to feel like it is under control.  I picked 5 top chores/areas and I make sure those get taken care of each day.  
1.  Keep kitchen clean (dishes done, counters straightened, floor swept)
2.  Bathroom clean (me and a bunch of boys... 'nuf said)
3.  Living room (picked up, vacuumed)
4.  Piles put away ASAP before they grow and take over
5.  Laundry
So what about dusting, mopping, windows, etc?  Well, it gets done when it gets done.  As I have a spare minute I knock it out.  It may not be pretty on paper, but it's efficient (enough) for me.
I get encouraged when the space is organized and tidy.  Take the laundry room:

This is an example of not organized and tidy
Because sometimes I get crazy and start tackling projects at random, I decided to see how quickly I could get this area from messy to inspiring.  Or at least picked up enough so I could quit stepping on junk while I load the washer.

Little helper
(though "helper" may not be the most accurate word)
It took me about  15 minutes to take a few things out and put in their real home, wipe down the appliances and straighten the racks.

Making sure he is where the action is
And now I can work on the clothes without personal threat to my toes.  And it just makes me happy when things are organized.

And it would have been perfect to add a little shot of the handmade quilt hanging out to dry in the fresh air. But no...

Sometimes completing a little project makes me want to do more.  And next thing you know all the living room furniture is in the middle of the floor and the kids are staring at me.  I think I'll be done for now.


  1. I LOVE your blog background!!! It is just so cute!! I am love everything to be organized and in it's proper place too! Your new follower from threekendrickblessings.blogspot.com :)