Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm doing a fun home business link-up with Kelly's Korner featuring my SHAKLEE (what great timing!). 
Welcome to anyone who clicked over here from there!

I started with the company last month and I could not be more impressed with our products and the support of our team.
Here are some of my favorite things:

I really love the cleaning line.  Every time I do laundry or wash dishes (not my favorite pastimes) I love the fresh smell.  The Basic H is amazing and I have used it to get stickers of things (that had been on for years), general cleaning and even washing my dog (worth it for that alone- he lost the stinky dog smell!).  I have to do another post on that because of the sheer awesomeness of it.  What I love about this line is that it's safe for my family and safe for the Earth.  I'm not cool enough to call myself a hippie, but I do love being responsible with what I purchase!
Click here for more info on the Get Clean line

 My husband and I just started the Cinch Transformation.  Essentially, it is is formulated to help you maintain muscle while losing weight.  So, no more losing fat and muscle-then lose energy because you lost muscle-then quit exercising because you have no energy-then gain anything you lost back as fat.  I am a confessed non-lover of protein powders and I really like these.  I actually look forward to my shakes (adding a frozen banana and blending the chocolate is my favorite so far!).  We're tweaking the program to work for us and save some money, too.  I'd be happy to share details... :)  Here's our kit, right at home on my table:

Click here for more info on Weight Loss

My rowdy, active, lovable boys get these vitamins.  I love the safe ingredients and the addition of lactoferin, which supports immune health.
Click here for Healthy Kids

 Now the skin care line... I had to eat my words.  In the distributor pack you get some of these products.  I was like, I don't want no stinkin' skin care!  I want vitamins and protein and house cleaning stuff!  But oh-my-word... this stuff is amazing.  I love everything about it and my skin has never felt healthier.  I wake up and my skin actually feels soft without even touching it.  I am definitely a believer.

And the vitamins... the whole reason I got serious about selling Shaklee.  I began researching whether or not generic vitamins were actually doing our bodies any good.  My search led me to the Vitalizer and it is just superior to anything I have seen.  I love how I feel on them and it gives me peace of mind, along with the great physical benefits, knowing all this goodness is going in my body,

Click here to make a first great and easy step to healthier living
And with the purchase of Vitalizer, you can get free membership:

Check out all the great products and get information on my SHAKLEE site.

Thanks for letting me gush over it all! :)

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