Monday, October 1, 2012

Satisfying that taco craving!

I used to loooove going to Taco Bell.  And recently I find myself with a taco craving!  When Jeff goes out of town I usually pick up lunch or dinner somewhere to eat at home.  A treat for us all, plus one less meal for me cook and clean up after when I am flying solo.  But there are not a lot of options anymore that I feel good about feeding us.  So, off to Wal-Mart (we ran out of bananas again) to get a few things, I decided we would make tacos at home.  And just the idea of "Taco Night" is so fun.  Except we had them for lunch.  Though we do eat meat now, it is sparingly.  These tacos are my vegetarian version of convenience food.
I got a pack of Boca burgers.  They do have crumbles and while I like the taste fine, they are a bit too crumbly for some recipes.  I cooked the burgers and then broke the patties apart.  I added some water and homemade taco seasoning and let it simmer.  Side note: I love the homemade seasoning because, not only is it better for you, you can adjust the ingredients.  I always thought the store-bought ones were too salty.

I like to chop everything on the cutting board and use it for serving, as well.  Less dishes!  
You see Eli peeping over the gate?  :)  He kept throwing junk over.

Sean was so excited!  "We're making our own tacos??"

I kept telling them to wait for me to sit down before they started eating.  Sean volunteered to pray... I hate to question his devotion, but I'm pretty sure it was intended to hurry things up.  

No tacos for this cutie.
He had leftover sweet potato, non-seasoned Boca,
and re-fried beans on pita.
 He is such a piggy these days!

Here is Sean returning from making his 4th taco.  And, yes, those are his pajamas.  As of this writing it's an overcast Saturday and I am totally letting them watch as much t.v. as they want for a few hours.  

Leftovers went into one dish.  I do this a lot, especially when they'll be eaten soon.  Like at the next meal.  My kids and I eat a lot of repeat meals. 

So, this is not necessarily a completely cooked from scratch meal, but you do what you can!
And I am happy to have some tacos in my belly!

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