Friday, January 1, 2010

What on earth are these things?

So, January 1, 2010 starts our year of eating a meatless diet.  Along with that we are transitioning to a whole food diet... baby steps, of course.  Here are some new things I am learning about:

1.  Kefir-  I have seen this weird name here and there and finally decided to check into it.  We actually bought a bottle of the plain Kefir at the grocery store.  Let me just say, it is tangy!  It really does taste like plain yogurt, though.  Jeff mixed some in a protein shake this morning and it was great.  By itself.. that will be an aquired taste!  There are several fruity varieties or you could mix in your own.  And you can even make it on your own by getting kefir grain.  I might try that soon- when I find out where to get the grains.

2.  Chia Seeds- Yes.. as in ch-ch-ch-chia!  Apparently these are pretty good for you.  They are one of the new super foods.  With lots of Omega 3 and 6 oils it provides great fatty acids.  Plus, it absorbs water so after you eat it you feel fuller.  Lots of other cool stuff about it are online.  You just sprinkle it on whatever you want- very easy addition to meals!

3.  Rooibos Tea- I am loving some tea and have to say I am getting excited as I learn about this one.  Lots of parents give this drink to the kids.  It is caffeine free and naturally sweet.  And it has lots of antioxidants.  I also read somewhere (lacking reference right now!) that it aids in digestion and can help colicky tummies.  Worth looking into!

Ah... the ever-growing grocery list.

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