Friday, January 29, 2010

Feed Me Books!

I am excited to link up to a book party at The Adventures of Motherhood.

We have checked this out from the library MANY times! I really need to get a copy for our home; probably could have done it already with all the late fees... *ahem* moving right along...

Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor by Don Carter
Sean loves tractors and farm equipment. He knows more about the implements (fancy word for stuff that the tractor pulls!) than the average mom- that would be me. This book features all the jobs a tractor does on the farm using the different tools. It uses a cute rhyming pattern that is easily enhanced by your own little flair (i.e. all the singing and voice interpreatation you hope are never recorded for public appreciation!). The pictures are bold & colorful and not at all distracting.

I am looking forward to seeing other mommy & kid approved books.
We may get a chance to go to the library before this snow hits!


  1. This is a wonderful post and my daughter actually likes tractors too!

    Oh yes "mommy flair" always makes a book better:) Your boys are precious.

    And I'm honored to become your 4th follower!

    I hope you'll join us again.

  2. My son is very into trucks (mostly construction) and tractors. Papa has one and Cole gets to "drive" it sometimes. Great book recommendation!

  3. This looks really beautiful! My daughter loves Old McDonald.

  4. Ooh, I think my son would love this! Thanks for the idea. Looking forward to your future link-up posts.