Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Boy & His Dough Ball

I get to lead a Bible study with some of our wonderful college girls every week.  I like to bring a treat as much as possible.  This week I made cinnamon rolls.  Luke was down for a morning nap and Sean was my cooking buddy.  I gave him a little ball of dough to play with and he quickly ran to get some of his construction vehicles.  Because apparently you need those when a dough ball is involved.  Then I gave him a little hanful of flour to roll the trucks through and push and load.  He had a blast and I got my work done!

Oh- and here are the yummy cinnamon rolls!

Add icing:

Sooooo good.  But, seriously, I need to find a healthier way to make these! 

Today I need to make bread.  I see some more dough play in the near future.


  1. Your son looks just like mine playing with that flour! My son is so obsessed with construction trucks. He is in his room right now doing the homemade construction site we got him for Christmas. I think we have every truck (big version and small version).
    By the way I will send you my address and you can send those cinnamon rolls over my way. :-)

  2. That is cute with him playing with his trucks in the flour and dough! My kids have enjoyed helping to make dough stuff too and enjoy getting their own lump to work with but they usually just copy whatever I am doing or they eat it all up!

  3. i just want to say that those cinnamon rolls are as tasty as they look :)