Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Things I Love about my House

Because it seems the one year "honeymoon" is over and several problems have reared their ugly little heads in our home (actually some came well before a year!), I wanted to think about the good stuff.  So, here are some things I love about our home:
1.  It has the most beautiful view.

After a good snow before Christmas '09

2.  We are really close to Jeff's office.
3.  We have plenty of parking for students and church get-togethers (several homes we looked at had barely enough parking for our 2 vehicles).
4.  Our spacious, cozy living room.
5.  My kitchen- good storage and space.
6.  Pretty, rolling front yard.

Lots of room to play!

7.  Basement- which is really our 3rd bedroom, but it is a nice place for company to sleep, keep extra toys and all the other stuff that ends up in piles down there!
8.  The patio off the kitchen- needs work, but it is a great place for the boys to play.
9.  Our laundry room is now located right next to our bedroom and the bathroom.  Makes keeping up with laundry a little easier.
10.  This is the home where my boys will grow, explore and learn.  I love making memories here with my family.


  1. Sounds like a great house to me! :-)

  2. loved reading this list..trying to be content in our home for the next two years while saving to move to a better location. it's hard!!!!