Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recycling fun!

I was inspired (again) from this blog to use some of the recycleables I have been hoarding saving.  They are getting a bit out of control so I need to re-vamp the organiztion of them all.  However, the boys have really loved pulling them out and playing.  I have a stash in the kitchen for them to get into while I cook.

I got that kitchen for $4 at a thrift store!  :-) 
I also have a drawer with more stuff tucked away.

Then there is the rest of it- hiding out in the hallway.

I actually put these to good storage use.  The fruit of our peanut butter addiction... perfect storage for little craft supplies!  Those are cans holding paint brushes and some plastic containers from food leftovers holding Legos.

We have made a space craft from an oatmeal container and toilet paper tubes.  Sometimes I just pull some stuff out and see what Sean comes up with.

Other uses:
  • Plastic containers can be stacked (and knocked over again and again...).
  • Clear containers are good for "I spy" games.  Fill them with all sorts of little treasures, seal it with tape and see if the kids can locate them.  Luke (1 yeard old) likes when I put a little toy in one- he shakes it and tries to get it out.
  • Lots of pretend play in the kitchen while you try to cook.
  • The plastic or more durable cardboard are good for outside play.  If they get torn up or too dirty, just recycle (for real) or throw out.
  • Bath tub play- forget those tub toys that get all filmy and mildew-y.  Use the waterproof containers- dressing, lotion or sauce bottles make good squirters. 
  • Toy or craft storage (as in pic above).
  • Play store- make your own labels and let them practice shopping, paying, loading and un-loading "groceries."
There are so many more ideas.  These are all I can think of right now.  Just goes to show how much fun you can have without spending money!

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  1. I love how cute your craft supplies look in the peanut butter containers! I have just been dumping things into a giant bin lately. I did have it organized, but it has quickly become one big mess. Now YOU have inspired ME. :-)