Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our old house home tour

Before we moved to NC we lived in Georgia where my husband was a student minister.  When we felt God lead us to put our house on the market we did a H-U-G-E clean out.  We did not know what God had planned for us, where we would go, if we would stay... So, we just decided to get rid of as much stuff as possible.  I wish I had pics of the yard sale- it was massive!  I love seeing home tours and since I happened to take pics of all the rooms for selling purposes, I thought it would be fun to post it.  Look for Bear hiding out in some of the pictures!  :-)

Front View

Garden outside front door
 This was special because we planted the bushes right after I had the miscarriage and it made the space so beautiful.

Living Room

From the LR into the kitchen/ DR

From the kitchen


Laundry room leading out to garage

This is Bear's room when he was in a crib...

by the time we sold the house he was in a big boy bed.

Master BR

Master bath- I only included this b/c I MISS a master bathroom!

Deck out back

I was a great house and a wonderful blessing to us!  I like looking at these pictures to inspire me when I need to clean out!
I was a little nervous about the sale, since the housing market was already so tough and we had several houses in our neighborhood for sale.  God is good!  It sold in 6 weeks!

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