Monday, December 14, 2009

One of our Christmas traditions: Looking at lights

Since our first year of marriage, Jeff and I have enjoyed the fun tradition of driving around, looking at Christmas lights.  A couple years were a bust, but mostly we have seen cozy set-ups and amazing displays.  All varieties are fun to look at.  We always wear comfy clothes and bring a warm drink & snack.  This year we went out on a brisk, foggy night.  Bear had hot chocolate and a granola bar.  Little Buddy had juice and a Mum Mum (love those things!).  They got warm and toasty in the back seat.

Here is handsome daddy Santa.  He is so good about making things fun.  I love that man.

And there was a picture of me, but it was so crazy bad I had to delete it.  These are my babies' memories, for crying out loud!  We were supposed to snap another, but forgot.  Don't think I'm not above getting back in the van and taking another picture (just a few days later, in the light of the day, fresh hair and make-up maybe??).  Oh well.

We had a good time, though.  I love looking forward to this.  Bear was really excited, too.  This is the first year he seems to understand all the different aspects of the season.  We are trying to think of another fun, family adventure/tradition to do. 

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  1. Our family had fun driving around and looking at lights a couple of nights ago. My husband usually puts quite a few on our house as well abut this year we were out of time at the "proper time" to put them up and he has been busy since so we just have a little bit. We enjoy looking at others' lights though!