Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a good day

I am sitting with my four year old in his room.  He is supposed to be napping, but we compromised.  So I am now "working" while he plays on the floor.  He is using his truck (he named Craney), a washed out yogurt cup and some smarties to play.  He has such a creative mind. 
Jeff is wrapping things up at work.  The rest of the students will be heading home after the end of finals today.  This officially marks our Christmas break.  We are so excited to have daddy home to ourselves for a few weeks!  We LOVE the students, but this break in schedule is nice.
We were going to head to Asheville tomorrow to get a few things.  It looks like some wintry weather is coming in.  So, that trip may be postponed and instead we will have hot chocolate by the fire and (maybe!) play in the snow!  Either way, we will be together. 
My goals for the upcoming week:
1.  Get Jeff to wrangle to boys for a couple hours one day while I CLEAN!  I am oddly excited about this. 
2.  Make a packing list for our trip.
3.  Make some decorations I just had an idea for- using God's Word (more to come on that!).
4.  Stay caught up on laundry. 
5.  Enjoy my family!

Now I think I will head down to the floor and see what my wonder boy has come up with now.

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