Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day #1 Getting Your House Ready for the Market:Organizing the Projects

For Day 1 of this little series I'll be talking about how I keep the projects organized.  Now this little system just came about from necessity rather than awesome pre-planning.  I had a piece of paper I had started using to write information on and it morphed from that into my folder.

You could totally get a binder, use dividers, zipper pouches and printables to track each thing.  I did not have the time or inclination to devote myself to that.  
But it would be pretty cool.
I just used a sheet of paper for each project (plumbing, electrical, windows).  I put a sticky note at the top to act as a divider.  On each page I keep contact info, quotes, appointment times and other notes. I also keep all receipts here.  It has been nice for quick returns/exchanges.
I had these cute printables from my home management binder so I transferred over our to-do's, organized by room.

When it comes to making the calls and follow-up, it is handy to have all of the information at your fingertips.  I wait until the kids are napping or quiet and make the calls.  I log who I spoke with, the date and other information on each sheet.

I keep the folder in the dining room for easy access to check things off (woo hoo!) and see what's next. 

It's a simple system, but it came together quickly and meets our needs.  This could work for home repairs & projects, in general, not just getting it ready to sell.  
Here is the link to the To-Do printables (and other freebies, too!)

This post will be over at Pampered Daughter, Thrifty Wife.  Thanks, Sarah!

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