Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some schooling

 I haven't been taking a lot of pictures of work and projects.  Here is a day I had the camera handy, though.  We were learning about nomads and the first villages.

Sean coloring a map and Luke "reading" something (in a cape, of course).
 They did "cave drawings."  Sean drew 2 deer and a corn stalk.

Sean  wanted to make a village out of blocks. Luke was kind enough to not knock them down.  At least not right away.

And what do you do with all those Shaklee boxes?
Make a town!  Sean wrote on each box what he wanted it to be (strr, mol, chrch, wtr prk).  We need to work on vowels. :)

And the creatures created from Zoobs are super-carnivores attacking the town.
Thank you, dinosaur documentaries.

Can't forget this cuddle-bug.  With the remote...it starts early with boys, doesn't it??

Sean has been keeping up with Explode the Code and Miquon math.  Our days have been a little crazy lately, so not a lot of planned out schooling going on.  But I am thankful for grace and that my boys soak up learning in everyday stuff, too!

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