Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family camping

I have been oh so absent from this little blog.  My other computer bit the dust and I have pictures on there (!!!!!).  Until we can take it into the shop to extract all the important stuff currently being held hostage, I am just going to pick up as if a several month gap is completely normal. 
We took our first family camping trip earlier this summer.  It was so much fun.   It was rainy when we got there so Jeff had us upgraded to a sheltered site.  I was thankful to have that so I could park Eli out of the rain while we got all the gear unloaded.  I did not like how verrrrry close we were to neighbors, though.  Guess there was a trade-off to not getting soaked!

roasting marshmallows
Jeff took the boys to look at the creek while I put Eli to bed.  I had 5 minutes of this:

 Hiking the next day was the highlight for me.  It was so beautiful.

The stinka'


Some sweet passersby took our family picture.

I just love the looks on their faces.  

Overall, very good experience.  We are already planning our next trip!  

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