Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012

In May we went back to Myrtle Beach (can you tell I am going through older pictures now?).  Here are just a very few shots from the wonderful trip.

The much-loved golf cart

Ready for first beach visit of the trip

Busy at play

This one army crawled all over the place

I love, love this picture

Littlest chilling at the over-stimulating Wonder Works

A favorite... actually putting money in the machine and riding

Cuties on the sand

Jeff said this was a random picture... but I love it!
The boys discovered the indoor pool and loved Jeff taking them everyday.  We went back to the aquarium and that was pretty fun.  Wonder Works was way too loud and crowded for me, but I think the boys had a good time.  I think the money would have been better spent outside on the boardwalk (FYI for next time!).  Overall, it was fantastic getting a mini retreat with my family.  I am indeed blessed!

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