Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easing into school-ish things

I had sorta big plans for the first day of school.  Little prizes for the boys throughout the day (school supplies), cool chop stick thingys to use with lunch and a grand intro to our new books and lesson plans.  Because little boys get excited about lesson plans, right?!
But here we are in late July and school-ish things are sneaking their way into our days.  I gave Sean a little break from his workbooks.  But with the purchase of new pencils, sharpener and erasers... workbooks are not content to rest in the drawer. 

Luke got some new beeswax crayons.  Apparently also good for stacking.

Sean is crazy about crocodiles right now.  No way we're going to keep that on hold until school "starts," so I found some online goodies and we had a fun time working on some projects. 
 More on our crocodile learning to come.

Our days are starting a new rhythm and, for now, it does not feel forced.  I like the idea of adding little activities here and there until we have made a relaxed way of incorporating it all.
I am looking forward to organizing my thoughts for this fun blog hop coming up.  Lots of homeschoolers will post on curriculum, school rooms, student photos and "day in the life."  
And, better late than never.... we planted a pallet garden.  I have no clue what I am doing with this, but it was an experience getting it done with the boys.

Hard at work.
Now we wait for something to (hopefully!) grow.
The days of summer are racing by.  
Time to slow down and cherish them a little more than I feel like I have been.  

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