Monday, April 9, 2012

Last of the Easter Pics

The boys play endlessly with the plastic eggs.

Eli relaxing outside.

After our egg hunt at home (with empty plastic eggs).  They do it over and over and over...

Easter morning: each got a book (Sean got a weather encyclopedia and Luke got a book on numbers), a plastic spork for camping and a couple healthy treats.

"Can I eat this now?"
 Eli got a farm animal book.

 After church picture in our yard.  I forgot to get someone at church to do a family shot.  And then I forgot to get one of Jeff & the boys and one of me & the boys.  Oh well.  The spot was too shady, but the sun was super bright and, well, you do what you can with 3 wiggly boys.  Budreaux was creeping in the background.  His ears are down because Jeff is trying to get him to move (he was scratching himself unceremoniously in the background).

We cooked out steaks and then rested for a while.  Later we played outside and took a  nature walk.  
And not gonna lie- we had pie and ice cream for dinner.

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