Monday, April 9, 2012

Natural Egg Dye

A new thing for this year- dyeing eggs naturally.  So maybe I should have looked into it a little more and actually planned for it.  But we had fun experimenting.  

First we boiled the eggs.  Miraculously no eggs were broken during transport to the pot.

Then, off to the yard to find some stuff to color the eggs.  

Dandelions for yellow.

Holly berries... because they're red.

Random stuff from the ground.

Couldn't resist a photo op.

Just precious.

Some more stuff from the ground.

Inside we separated it all into glasses.  We had grass, dandelions, holly berries, some purple weeds and pulled blue berries from the freezer.  We poured hot water into each glass and added a dash of vinegar.

Checking out the progress.  They sure do take longer than commercial dye.

And waiting....

Finally, first batch is done.  They look... natural!

I actually love the different shades.  
Next year I will plan ahead and get the other natural dyeing materials in addition to foraging in the yard.

Thank you, God, for your beautiful world around us!

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