Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Walk and Egg Hunt at church

For the past few years our church has a Resurrection Walk and Egg hunt w/ lunch and a craft.  We usually eat and do the craft then head out for the walk.  During several stops the kids get to hear different parts of the story leading up to Jesus' resurrection.  Then they hunt for eggs in the yard.

Sean listening intently during the first story.

Luke is picking various vegetation growing beside him.  I had to verify that is was not poison ivy.
 Since I was flying solo with the 3 boys (who were actually very good!) I did not get many pictures... thanks in part to this little guy strapped on to my person.

Who wouldn't love to peek down and see this?!?
 At an inside stop Eli was set free for a minute.  Of course he crawled all around and out the door.

Luke was adorable hunting eggs.  Sean was with the older kids so I didn't see him.  After Luke finished he said, "I will give my eggs to Jesus." 
 (insert heart melt here)

Obligatory ride on swing.
 At this point I was ready to go and did not feel like posing Eli on the side of the hill with the big boys.  So, here they are after the hunting.

Praising God for Jesus, the cross and his victory over death!

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