Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Learning Books

I just wanted to post on what materials we are using right now.  I do not follow a formal curriculum.  At this point I think we are happy putting a few things together. 
Sean has surprised me so much with his desire to do these reading lessons.  There have been days where I would be fine to let it slide but he wants to do them.  They are pretty quick, which is what I think is so appealing.  I had been wanting this book and last summer at a thrift store I found it... for $1!

I just ordered this book because next to reading I really want us outside exploring.

There is a blog that has all kinds of Outdoor Challenges based on this book.  I am looking forward to using some of them.

Outdoor Hour button

One of my newest favorite books...

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

It is so good- I have read on my own without the kids.  We mainly read this for Bible study.  I really want to beef up this area because I think it would be easy for me to assume they get enough because we are around ministry all the time.

We visit the library every couple of weeks.  Sean usually has a topic he wants to read about (I have to ask him because he is more interested in playing with the trains when we get there, but he comes up with something).  Right now we have books on space, rocks and nature crafts.  Luke still eats books, but he is starting to actually look at them when I read.  :-) 


  1. I tried the 100 easy lessons book, but my son didn't like it...he does really well with very concrete lessons where he experiences it, moves with it, etc he likes saxon, and just spending time reading to each other. Cooking is another great motivator...he gets to read while getting food made!

  2. I have heard good things about Saxon. I am glad to have found something my son likes on the first try! And food is always a good motivator!!