Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crystologist at work

Sean got a pack of science experiments for Christmas.  This one lets you grow color-changing crystals.

He sorted the colors after dumping out the pack.

Put each color in a plastic dish and added water.

Got excited because he is officially a Jelly Crystologist (at least in our lab)!

Then we waited while they absorbed the water (actually up to 300 times its weight).

The next day... they are gooey crystals.  He put them into the test tube to see how the colors blend.

They lasted a few days on the counter with him mixing and playing. 
Then they were sent to the lab refuse bin.  

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  1. Michelle thank-you for visiting my blog today. I enjoying going through some of your posts. Your sons are adorable. reminds me of my two boys, both men now. One serves as a missionary in the Ukraine and other works with boys that have been in trouble up in "way far north "Ontario. I miss them.