Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

A tradition we started last year and we hope to keep for many years to come is going to a tree farm and getting our Christmas tree.  We have great friends who own the farm which makes it even more special.

Sean playing in the cuttings on the ground.

Can't miss a chance to sit on the big tractor tire.

Riding in a wagon up the hill to where the trees are.

I didn't even get a picture of the tree before it was cut.  Here is Sean watching as they bale it.  He was so proud because he picked it out.

Back down to where they were selling cookies and hot chocolate.  Sean gets to "drive" a tractor.

Family picture time!  A little washed out because of the bright sun, but I still love it.

Daddy finally getting some smiles out of this one.  He was not too impressed with anything tree-related.

Riding back down to the van with our tree.

The weather was beautiful and we had such a good time!

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