Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bear Activities

I gave Sean a couple of choices for a topic we could study.  He picked Bears.  We checked out a few books and I put together some activities.
1.  This is a "Black Bear's Winter" booklet photo copied from a Mailbox workbook (got from Friends of the Library bookstore for $1!).  He drew, colored, glued dried grass & twigs and made a log out of paper to put in it.

2.  A fun one using dried out coffee grounds (not hard to come by thanks to Daddy!).  I spread them out on a paper towel and let them dry for a few days bofore we did the project.

His name:  Coffee Ground-y.

3.  And my favorite... using buttons (bought the whole jar for $1 at a yard sale!).  First he sorted them.

He picked out brown ones to make the bear.  Then we took turns- one of us glued while the other placed the button and vice versa.

He liked using his hand as an excavator to dig out the buttons.

His name: Button-y.

We also had a teddy bear picnic-no pics taken- but we'll probably do that again.  Random information, Sean's nickname from before he was born is Bear.  :-)

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