Thursday, April 29, 2010

My new laundry point of view...

As usual, I am trying something new.  Nothing new to a lot of people, but to me it signifies my official emergence into greener living. 

I have been wanting to try hanging my clothes out to dry for a  long time.  But I never had a good clothesline, weather was bad when I was really motivated, and on went the excuses for me.  Well, the dog-child of ours finally stopped chasing our neighbors' cars down the mountain.  And the line for his tether makes a great place to hang clothes!  It's not the prettiest set up, but it works for now. 
I have been doing this for a couple weeks (minus some loads reccently when it was raining for days!). 
It does take more time and effort to hang clothes out.  I can get about 2 loads hanging at a time.  So, no more 5 loads a day marathons. 
  • I think more about what goes in the dirty clothes.  Is it stained or stinky?  Toss it in the basket.  Otherwise, it may be able to get hung back up in the closet or on a hook.
    • Pajamas are great for wearing over and over. 
    • Towels can be re-hung for a couple of days.  Note: I have noticed the line-dried towels keep thier freshness a little longer!
    • Yard clothes can be shaken out and hung on a hook.  Same with church and play clothes.
  • Since I am not tossing as much into the dirty clothes, the piles don't become mountains quite as soon.  This does mean more little piles hanging around, but I am OK with that.  

My next goal is to make laundry soap.  I have seen lots of recipes.  As great timing would have it, a sweet friend sent me a super easy recipe.  I recently bought one of those cheap brands of laundry powder that come in a big plastic bucket.  My plan was to use that up while finding ingredients for a home-made batch.  Then when it was all gone, I could use the plastic bucket to store my home brew in.  Well, I have since bought another bottle of liquid detergent, BUT I am going to be ready this time when it runs out.

And just because I am a sucker for a good "before" picture... this is the out-of-control patio (right next to my beautiful clothesline). 

Most of the toys were hand-me-downs or gifts and they play with it all!  Don't mind the grumpy dog... his feet were too muddy to come in.  We are working on a no/low-cost reno to clean up the cracked cement and a nasty water-gathering spot that leaks into the basement.  Until then, that's my excuse for the mess!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow, good for you. I cannot hang dry clothes. I just can't. Not now at least. I grew up doing it.

    I love your view!

  2. Michelle, thanks for stopping by! For the first 14 years of our marriage, we had no dryer, so all we did was hang clothes out. My husband does most of the laundry (by his choice) and he faithfully hung clothes out on the line and taught the children to as well. We've gotten away from it lately, but you've inspired me to use the clothelines more regularly!