Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snake lapbook...EWWWW!

Now this is what I get for doing the we'll-study-what-he-wants-to-learn approach.  Snakes.  But it makes a huge difference with Sean.  He really enjoyed anything we did related to this topic.  We started a lapbook.  I did not note where we got the materials, because it was before I thought I would post about it. 



I finally got a picture of it completed.  I would not have minded adding more, but Sean likes it like it is.  It has already been well-loved.  Even the poor red snake at the top was torn out by the Tot Terror.  :-)
Here he is working on it:

He is looking up the word "snake" in the children's dictionary.

I printed out an "S" letter page and stuck it in the lapbook with contact paper.  He can practice writing over and over.

Here is a sight word folder game.  Nothing to do with snakes, but I snuck it in there!

Here's what I tried to get Luke to play with- a styrofoam tray, puff balls and empty toilet paper tube.

About 2 minutes later...

Oh well!

To my great pleasure we have a black snake living under the house.  The last time pest control came (thanks to the termites!) they rounded up the skins, but left them at the door inside the crawl space.  We told Sean he could investigate them.  The night before he was in my bed at 2 AM asking if it was time yet! 

And imagine his delight when we went to our spring festival and one of the booths had a water sensory table with... rubber snakes!

Looking forward to the next lapbook!


  1. but how many 5 year olds know what a herpetologist and a reticulated python are, huh? good job, Mom!

  2. I just noticed that your hubby is a campus minister! That is cool! My hubby is a pastor too.

    What a blessing to be starting out on your homeschooling journey. We have one more year of homeschooling. I loved those early years and all the fun projects we did.

    I love that you have a "dog-child," we have two of them, lol!

    ~ Nan