Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color of the Day

Sean gets excited about having theme days.  This idea might be a little young for him (since he knows all of his colors!), but we focused on the spelling of the word and the project which included glueing, cutting and designing.

I used some foam paper and found as many items of the like color that could be glued or stuck on (pom poms, foam letters, stickers, etc.).

Then I bagged up each set so it is ready to go when we have that color day.

Here is a finished one from "Orange Day."

Here I collected items for "Red Day."

When he woke up on "Red Day" I had a display set out for him to find. He loves discovering new things in the morning. I like that it helps him get excited about what we are doing.

Some other themes he said he wanted to do: snakes and slugs.  He is such a boy!

1 comment:

  1. Slugs? I can do snakes, but slugs are iffy. I am still scarred from when my cousin tortured one by pouring salt only on its back half. I am still haunted by that. YUCK!

    I like the theme days. We don't do a craft with it, but we should. We have a color day for food. I dye milk that color and try to make all food for lunch that color.