Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Try & Tell: Weekly Menu Binder

I was racking my brain to come up with something nifty for the 1st Try & Tell at Mom Tried It.  I decided to do a simple one this time (and sneak some ideas from the other link-ups for later!).
I am still working to organize how I do our meals and grocery shopping.  I just came up with this for this past week.  I have a recipe binder that I keep out all the time.  Using page protectors, I print recipes and then slip them in the notebook.  A few old faithfuls on notecards get a spot in the side pockets.  This is not a bad set up for storing recipes, but I hated pulling it out all the time for cooking, finding the recipe I needed, etc.  So I got another 1/2 inch notebook (I buy these at thrift stores super cheap whenever I see them!) and decided that would be my Weekly Menu binder. 

On the front I used a cute clip and attached my menu plan for the week.  At the bottom I used another clip and attached my grocery list.  This sits in one of my favorite kitchen accessories- the cookbook holder (I got on clearance for $8 a couple years ago!).  So it is always easy to see and check throughout the day.

Inside I just stick the recipes relating to the meals for the current week.  In the pocket is a list of ongoing meal ideas and a blank pad for the grocery list.

So far this week it has been really helpful.  I like having it all together and sitting out as a reminder.

Now I am going to check out the other Try & Tell ideas!


  1. Menu Planning is such a great time and sanity saver. Great and cute organization!

  2. I do something similar, though mine isn't as organized as yours. I should probably do this!

    Stopping in to see another Try and Tell.

  3. Looks very handy! Right now I just clip all of my recipes for the week to my white board, but this would be much prettier to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, what an organized system. I use something similar for recipes, but I never thought about doing this for my meal plan and grocery list too!

    I linked up to Mom Tried It too! Fun blog hop, huh!

  5. Menu planning is so difficult for me! I love this idea, though. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cool. I am not that organized about meals at all. Hubby only eats a few dinners, so it is pretty easy to decide what to eat. lol. This is a very cool idea to share! Thank you so much for linking up with Try and Tell. :-)