Monday, February 1, 2010

Painting without paint

So I got on a cleaning kick this morning.  I was vacuuming away, sorting clothes, putting away laundry, cleaning up after breakfast... I was feeling productive.  The squirts were close at hand, too.  While not the most quality time, I am glad they followed me from room to room.  The messes in their wake were not quite as big as the before scene so I could not complain (too much).
Well, Sean was ready to do something else and by that I mean paint.  Seriously?   Apparently he does not understand mommy's OCD tornado chore time does not mix well with pulling out the paint supplies.  But I felt bad because he was "so excited!" sitting there with his paint brushes.  So I got a cup of water and some card board.  I told him it was invisible paint.

Though not as good as the real thing, this kept him entertained for a little while.  Another bonus, when it dries you can use the card board over again.

There is still a lot of snow outside.  We had the best time yesterday evening taking turns sledding down the front yard.  I can't wait for Luke to be old enough- I see family races in the future!  Until then, we are inside for another day.  I am giving myself 10 minutes to blog hop and then shutting this baby down for the afternoon!

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