Saturday, August 25, 2012

This week...

I was able to capture just a few things the boys were up to this week.  Lots of pictures coming up.

Doing some book work at their table in the kitchen.

Sean's first note written all by himself. 

Writing more secret messages.

Luke always wants to do some work, too. 

Another day, more work.

Blurry snuggle-boy.  I have stopped deleting blurry pictures because that's pretty much the best I can do with this wiggly thing.

Such a this boy.

Making apple juice.

Sean using play dough to make a snake and then dissecting it.  Not sure what this organ is he's holding.

Fort time!

Back from the library we have a book picnic and read.

Random, but still beautiful.  Just take a moment with me....

He loves taking toys out of the basket.

Another day of snake play.  We looked up a diagram on the IPad and he tried to make the organs more accurately. 

Tub of water to test out a Lego boat.

They made monster crocs from their Zoobs.  

This is what happens when I try to keep them in the kitchen with me while I cook.  They were "making" smoothies and cupcakes.  

Saturday morning trains.  Then I kicked them both outside because it is a beautiful day!

We have been doing pretty well keeping up with math and Explode the Code, but other planned things get pushed to the side when he wants to explore snakes, crocodiles and pirate ships.  

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